30 Different Braids in 30 Days

2 Crown French Braids

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Natalie and I took on the challenge of doing a 3o day braid challenge. Yes a challenge it was, but in order to learn you have to step outside the box, right? As we showcased our love for braids, we both grew as hairstylist and friends through these 30 days. It was very inspiring to work through all the days finding new inspiration.  One of the other best parts of this challenge was meeting all the wonderful people’s hair we got to braid. It inspired people around us and create experiences that will be really memorable. We couldn’t have done it without all of you.  Natalie and I are also in the works of creating tutorials for some of the braids during our braid challenge, until then check out all of our 30 braids here http://hairshowwedoit.com/blog/braid-challenge/

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