everyone has a niche

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So I believe that we all have at least one thing that we are just natural good at whether or not you have discovered this niche is a different story.

I think my niche was discovered in 6th grade.  Not really knowing at the time that it was something unique I had discovered within myself.  I just thought cutting and styling hair came naturally to all girls.  It wasn’t until I got older and began to realize that having a 6th grader cut your hair could end up being a total disaster, but this wasn’t my friend actually liked her hair and her parents did too!  So I thank my brave friend that let me cut her hair at one of our “stay up all night sleep overs”.  And I also thank my other friends through out high school that would bring bags of hair ties & bobby pins to first hour year book class so I could style their hair, come to my house before school so I could give them fun styles on game days, or the friends that would call me crying when their updo for semi-formal or Prom was a disaster and their life depended on me fixing it! I would also have to thank my mother and my brave willing father that would let me play with their hair when I asked and of course my artistic and talented sister, who mind you does NOT do hair, but sculpted some amazing updos styles for all my dances (I loved my hair every time).

My point in saying all of this is…

When it comes to HAIR this is Erica’s and my NICHE so we want to help you in your everyday hair dilemmas you might have, or if you want to start trying new styles or find out how to make or add fun accessories to your hair.  Working in a salon full time and doing outside freelance work we want to share our experiences with you to inspire, entertain and help you create something yourself and who knows maybe you’ll discover your niche in the process.

Pictures, Tutorials, & Videos will be coming soon!

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