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     Last night while running my New Years Eve Half Marathon Race I began to think about the blog, (like I normal do on my runs) but this time I made a firm decision.  I’m going to put my perfectionism aside and focus on getting my inspiration and daily interests out there!  Although I still plan on having it primarily be focused on HAIR with pictures, tutorials, DIY projects and inspirations. I wanted to add a little bit more personal stuff to help myself be more committed and to hopefully make it more interesting and personal for all of you.  So to begin the blog I want to help you all understand why I am so passionate about it and why I decided to do it.

     My life is wrapped in hair strands.  If for some reason on any given day I’m not playing with someones hair I am looking at the materials around me and thinking about how I could  incorporate them INTO hair some how.  I’ll see an interesting color and formulate in my head how I could make it using hair color.  I love making anything out of nothing it keeps me going and energizes me!  I am a pinterest addict (well when I allow myself to go on it), and thats what really got me so passionate about starting my own blog.  I want to share with people my journey on what I have discovered.  By sharing these experiences with you all I hope to maybe make your morning blow dries a little faster and easier, to help you save money on easy at home projects, but mostly to inspire you to let your inner artist out!

     I have been planning this blog for about a year now making little notes here and there on how I really want it to work.  I then realized that I needed a partner who is just as passionate about hair as I am who sees hair in everything like I do.  While I was navigating and brainstorming on what I wanted the name of the blog to be and how I wanted it to look and feel I met my “Hair Soul Mate“.  Erica! Oh Erica!  Her and I our made from the same fabric just with different scuffs and tears along the way which is perfect because we are always on the same page, but we both bring new ideas that intrigue each other and our ideas become a never ending snow ball effect that we are just dying to share!  I feel very blessed to have met such a great friend and now partner!  So lets get this BLOG STARTED!!!!






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