Rope Braid Top Knot

Rope Braid Top Knot

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Rope Braid Top Knot Finish

Rope Braid Top Knot***

1) Brush your hair thoroughly with a flat brush.  Then tilt your head upside and brush all of your hair into one hand.  Use hair band to secure ponytail; which should be directly on top of your head {an easy guide is from ear to ear}

2) Split ponytail into two section, and begin twisting each section the same way. {let’s say clockwise}

3) Then twist the two sections together going the opposite direction that you first twisted them {counter clockwise} this creates a rope like effect.

4) There you have it, a Rope Braid!  You can secure the Rope Braid with a small clear hair tie at the end.

5) Begin to wrap the Rope Braid around creating the texture Top Knot.  Take the tail of the Rope Braid and tuck it into your hair band that you use to secure your ponytail.

6) There you have it your Rope Braid Top Knot.  To personalize it you can use your fingers to spread it out more and adjust it.  You can also add bobbie pins if you need to {I usually don’t have to}

We can’t WAIT to see what you all create!  Post your pictures & tag us on Instagram @hairshowwedoit, Facebook, and Twitter. #hairshowwedoit

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